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Premium Cassette Sprocket Aluminum

ACS-S09135AL / ACS-S10132AL

Aerodynamic Ultralight Alloy Cassette Sprocket 
Hollow design with precision CNC machined and special surface treatment without compromising in strength, weight, wear-resisting and function.

JAPAN:3143936  &  3156390  /  TAIWAN: M329011  & M372828 / GERMANY: 20 2009 013 417.2

* For best perfermance when shifting 
* 10 Speed 11-32T: Efficient laborsaving when achieving a optimum speed ratio of approximate 1:1 when matches to the front  chainwheel of 34 teeth.

Model No. Ratio Weight(g) Speed
ACS-S09134AL 11-34T(11,13,15,17,20,23,26,30,34) 172 9
ACS-S10132AL 11-32T(11,12,13,14,16,18,21,24,28,32) 127 10

Main Body: AL7075, 11T: Steel
Shimano Compatible
Optional Color: Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Gold
Optional Lock Ring X-NEO XX-S1: Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Gold

Please apply our cassette sprocket to below group set used respectively for best shifting performance.
◎ ACS-S09134AL: Shimano Deore, Deore XT, XTR group set.
◎ ACS-S10132AL: Shimano 105 (5600), Ultegra (6600, not 6700) group set. SRAM APEX group set.